Bor Karbür Boron
Boron Carbide armors, whose market share is growing day by day, can only be produced in 6-7 countries in the world. With Boron Carbide, vehicles, helicopters, military vehicles such as tanks and buildings are armored. This product is on boron chemicals produced in Turkey enriches more than 100 times. TURKBOR A.Ş. Boron Carbide
Bor Nitrür Boron
Boron Nitride is an inorganic material with low reactivity and many applications. It is one of the hardest man-made materials. Due to its vast array of material properties such as thermal, electrical, mechanical and physical properties, it has many applications. TURKBOR A.Ş. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed cursus id quam et sagittis. Nam ipsum eros, tincidunt ullamcorper augue laoreet, tincidunt mattis nunc. Donec tristique turpis id mi aliquam auctor Boron Nitride TURKBOR A.Ş.
Süper Sert Malzemeler Super Hard
Synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) belong to super hard materials whose hardness exceeds the hardness of conventional abrasive materials. Super hard material has a complete production cycle from the synthesis of oversized workpieces to the formation of the final product - the tool. TURKBOR A.Ş. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed cursus id quam et sagittis. Nam ipsum eros, tincidunt ullamcorper augue laoreet, tincidunt mattis nunc. Donec tristique turpis id mi aliquam auctor Super Hard Materials TURKBOR A.Ş.

Boron reserves in
Turkey, constitute 73% of the world reserves.

Who we are?

TURKBOR A.Ş. in order to meet the needs of critical materials of our defense industry and to increase the domestic share by reducing foreign dependency, the production of Boron End Products by using High Technology has been determined as a target.

Savunma Sanayi

Turkey's Rising Value

These days, boron products in Turkey; It is used in other fields with 36% glass, 31% ceramic, 9% cleaning / detergent, 7% agriculture, 4% glue and 14% share.

Tarımda Bor Kullanımı


The usage dose of boron, which increases the yield from agricultural products to the highest levels, is very important for the plants to reach the quality.

Temizlik Ürünlerinde Bor Kullanımı


Boron compounds are a natural cleaning agent and have been used since the 1800s. The borax product is obtained from the boron mine extracted from the earth as a result of only a physical process without being exposed to a chemical process.

Metalurji Alanında Bor Kullanımı


Boron and boron products provide economical production by minimizing high costs. In the form of ferroboron, which is an iron-boron alloy, it replaces high-cost materials used for hardening steel in steel production.

Seramik Üretiminde Bor Kullanımı


Boron, which has high binding properties, reduces the fluidity and surface tension of glass, making the ceramic more resistant to physical impacts and chemical effects. It helps to obtain vivid and bright colors by providing better adhesion of the paint during the aestheticization of the ceramic.

Cam Üretiminde Bor Kullanımı


Preferred in many sectors due to its unique properties, boron is among the important raw materials of the glass industry. Glass products become resistant to heat and chemicals with the touch of boron.

Yalıtım Malzemesi Üretiminde Bor Kullanımı


Boron-containing insulation materials, which offer long-lasting use at low costs, are produced entirely from natural products. Boron insulation materials are not affected by dust, hot and cold water. It cannot be deformed by insects and pests.

Sağlık Sektöründe Bor Kullanımı


In the researches conducted in the health sector where boron products are used; It has been observed that bones become stronger because boron increases the absorption of copper, magnesium and similar elements in the human body. This helps to reduce pain and strengthen the bone structure.

Enerji Sektöründe Bor Kullanımı


Boron, which contributes to the creation of sustainable and highly efficient energy resources of the future; With its renewable structure, it adds value to the energy sector with sodium borohydride. Sodium borohydride; It is a frequently preferred product in electronic devices, vehicles and electricity / heat generation facilities, fuel cells used for military and civil purposes.


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With the R&D CENTER we will construct, we will keep the PROTOTYPE PRODUCTION BASE open for the benefit of all scientists working in our public and universities.

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